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Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Rianne

24 Mar


  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platnum
  • Lise Watier Eye Shine: Marine 70667
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Bleus
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand: Champagne


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Double Applicator Eye Shadow Brush


  • using an eye primer will amp up pigments and hold blending all day
  • skip cleaning your brush between highlight and blending smokey eye for a soft color change

Step by Step:

Nail Lust!

essie Sure Shot

Salley Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzle

Nicole by OPI Look at Me Look at Me!

Lise Watier Backstage


BENEFIT Bad Gal Liner ****1/2

7 Mar

If you had your heart broken with my last post as I did, consider this review your box of chocolates.
Benefit my dear, you’ve redeemed yourself. Bad Gal Liner blows most other out of the water – no pun intended wit this water proof formula. (So waterproof I shot in a tub with it a couple weeks ago!)

A creaming pencil, application is as easy as it gets. Unlike most creamy liners, once set, it won’t rub off. Great for a smokey eye base or lash definition. The bold color isn’t shy of water lines either!

If you have had your eye on this for a while liek I did but budget minded, I suggest hitting up a Shoppers Drug Mart  for the Bad Gal Double the Bad Lash & Liner Duo and swipe the paired mascara. (Despite my pity review – I would still reccomend the duo because it is only $5 more than the liner alone and a total steal on any decent product.)

* no irritation on sensitive eyes or water line
* instant and long lasting
*easy and versatile use
1/2 higher priced, but almost fair for quality
*cute and useful packaging, no fuss appication


GlassCity™ Visual Artist


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