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Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Rianne

24 Mar


  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platnum
  • Lise Watier Eye Shine: Marine 70667
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Bleus
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand: Champagne


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Double Applicator Eye Shadow Brush


  • using an eye primer will amp up pigments and hold blending all day
  • skip cleaning your brush between highlight and blending smokey eye for a soft color change

Step by Step:

Nail Lust!

essie Sure Shot

Salley Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzle

Nicole by OPI Look at Me Look at Me!

Lise Watier Backstage


Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Tracy

23 Mar

Glitter is your night reflectors. Shine like the stars and bounce down the street!


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX Cream Foundation
  • Cover FX Radiance FX: Platinum
  • Lise Watier Crayon Gloss: Passion Fuchsia


  • Cover FX 160 Brush
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Definition Brush


  • illuminate bare lids with Cover FX Eye Prep and highlighter
  • Keep mascara minmal, applying one clean sweep of a lengthening formula

Step by Step:

  1. Prep with Cover FX Primer and Eye Prep
  2. Highlight features with Cover FX Radiant FX using the 140 Brush for cheekbones and Definition Brush for nose and brow bones
  3. Apply one clean  coat of lengthening mascara, such as Lise Watier Feline HD
  4. Top lips with Lise Watier Crayon Gloss in Passion Fuchsia

Nail Lust!

GOSH Blue Balloon

Lise Watier Collection

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Lady Luck

essie Pink-a-Boo

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Lizbit

22 Mar

Always a focus in the room, metallics shine like your personality.


  • Anna Sui Glittering Eye Color: 001
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Charbons
  • Cover FX Bronze FX: Golden Peach
  • Lise Watier Duo Glam Rouge Infiniti: Corail Pop


  • Cover FX 120 brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Cover FX 140 brush


  • apply a stain to lips before lipstick for an all day pop of color
  • choose a lengthening mascara to accentuate dainty lashes

Step by Step:

  1. Prep with Cover FX Primer and Eye Prep
  2. Create a flawless base with Cover FX foundation
  3. Use Cover FX 120 brush to apply Anna Sui eye color from last to crease
  4. Use Lise Watier eye shadow brush to apply Les Charbons #3. Press over lid, lash to crease
  5. Lightly apply Cover FX Golden Peach to cheek bones. Blend well
  6. Apply Lise Watier Duo Rouge stain to lips. Let set
  7. Apply lengthening mascara, such as Lise Watier Feline Mascara HD
  8. Apply Lise Watier Duo Rouge lipstick in Corail Pop

Nail Lust!

GOSH Metallic Purple

Quo by ORLY The Blue Box

Nicole by OPI Great Minds Pink Alike

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sorbet

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Leanne

21 Mar

Play up ocean inspiration while you count down the days to spring beaches. Blues and corals add soft pops of color.


  • Lise Watier Waterproof Eyeliner: Blanc 667
  • Lise Watier Duo Mineral Shadow: Bleu Ocean
  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platinum
  • Lise Watier Crayon Gloss: Bronze Romance


  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Definition Brush
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Lip Brush


  • sheer out natural gloss or balm for soft dewy lips
  • allow a couple minutes drying time between mascara coast for maximum volume

Step by Step

  1. Prep with Cover FX Brite Prep and Eye Prep for a radiant base
  2. Create flawless coverage using Cover FX liquid, cream, or loose mineral foundation
  3. Liner inner eyes with Lise Watier Eyeliner Blanc
  4. Press the lighter shade from Lise Watier Duo Mineral Shadow Bleu Ocean from last to crease, covering entire lid
  5. Dust Cover FX Radiant FX over cheekbones
  6. Apply volumizing mascara, try Benefit Bad Gal Lash
  7. Apply Lise Watier Crayon Gloss in Bronze Romance to center and lower lip. Blend out with finger or lip brush

Nail Lust!

Quo by ORLY Tease

Gosh Rose

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Haute Chocolate

Lise Watier Silhouette

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Carly

19 Mar

Red lipstick and morning coffee will take a punch out of Monday. Sit back at your desk and know you’re the prettiest face in the office.

Seven Flawless Days of Spring is in partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart Kingsgate Mall, Broadway at Kingsway (by Main), Vancouver, BC. Take advantage of the open guest invite to Spring’s Beauty Bloom March 31st from 12 – 6pm where make up artists will be on site to help you pick out each product and pick up tricks for applying.


  • Cover FX Cream Foundation and Setting FX
  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platnum
  • Lise Watier Waterproof Lip Crayon: Rouge 70479
  • Cover FX Mint Tint: Cabernet Red


  • Cover FX 160 Brush
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Eyeshadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Lip Brush


  • Prep for a glowing base with Cover FX Brite Prep – luminosity plus SPF 50!
  • highlight brows and inner corner of eyes by using the same color as cheeks

Step by Step:

  1. Prime with Cover FX Brite Prep
  2. Create a flawless base with Cover FX Cream Foundation and Setting  FX
  3. Highlight cheeks, brow bones, and inner eye with Cover FX Radiant FX
  4. Line and fill lips with Lise Watier Waterproof Lip Crayon in Rouge 70479
  5. Top lips with Cover FX Mint Tint in Cabernet Red
  6. Apply a light coat of black mascara (I’m currently using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara)

Nail Lust!

Lise Watier - Chiffon

essie - Fishnet Stockings

Nicole by OPI - Kardashian Collection, Follow Me On Glitter

Sally Hansen - Smooth & Perfect, Fog

Beauty Trends and Skincare Event This Month with Spring’s Beauty Bloom!

16 Mar

Spring is just around the corner, although Mother Nature is shy to show it. Coax her out this season with radiant jewel tones, soft pearly pastels, and BOLD contrasting patterns!

Trending can be tough to pull off properly, but this season we are making it fool proof! In combination with Shoppers Drug Mart in Kingsgate Mall, we will be showing you how to take Spring 2012’s trends off the runway and out your doorway. Why – it’s Spring’s Beauty Bloom!

Stay tuned next week when we will be posting one street ready spring make up with needed products, tools, and how to. Then, on March 31st, take advantage of all the perks corresponding to the exact products used in each design!

What kind of perks you say? Gift with purchase, draw basket, and free services!

From 12 noon to 6 PM on March 31st, skincare specialists and make up artists will be at Shoppers Drug Mart in Kingsgate Mall. Book a FREE appointment with any specialist and receive a complimentary service of hair styling, mini manicure, chair massage, or take some time and enjoy them all!

This month we are proud to present experts with three CANADIAN brands!

Starting with the repair of the largest organ in your body, Reversa will be on sight to educate guests in anti-aging, healing sun damage, and the use of glycolics. Wondering just how much damage your skin has had from the sun in past years? Step into their light machine and see how it has effected you and how to protect your skin in the seasons coming.

Maintain your skins healthy while moving into your beauty regime with Cover FX Skincare Canada. The Foundation Authority, Cover FX specializes in creating a flawless face. Find out the secrets to perfect completions in works such as Harry Potter and True Blood, or how Angelina Jolie covers her tattoos for film. Cover FX uses innovative products to train and heal your skin while applying the perfect base. Never caking, never clogging pores – this oil free, fragrance free, paraben free line has amazing triple action primers, tinted moisturizers, and the largest shade range in foundation to match your perfect shade ever time!
Pick up on the line most recommended by dermatologists for your spring feature products – enhance your flawless face with rich tones from their highlighting powders, bronzers, blush, and moisturizing lip tints. Cover FX is the number one brand recommended for those affected by sensitivity, Rosacea, acne, or pigmentation.

To amp up any look, a make up artist from Lise Watier will be showing guests how to apply looks from this season, or any that you would like to try. A gorgeous range of color in eye shadows, liners, lipsticks, stains and gloss – pull off any look, or any event, any time with these high quality creaming products.

While walk-ins are more than welcome, priority seating will be given to those with appointments. To book your appointment or have any questions answered contact the beauty department at 604-873-3558 ext 42 between 8:30 am and 11:30 pm.

Pamper yourself Saturday March 31st, and stay tuned next week when we post one street ready look for each day of the week! Get ready – spring is just around the corner and trends are blooming everywhere.

  • matte flawless skin
  • highlighted features
  • popsicle inspired lips
  • creamy pastels
  • striking jewel tones
  • color blocking
  • contrasting patterns
  • sea inspired patterned
  • ’90s rules the world
  • blue is the new black

It’s February and we feel the LOVE!

6 Feb

While procrastinating today, I opened this page to 5 new comments from readers. Congratulations – your requests for more are granted and the pile of make up on my counter will be sifted through another day!

Backstage Pass: Brii Directs GreaTaste Photo Group’s Circus Shoot!

4 Aug

May brought many things this year, and with GreaTaste it brought the circus!

Thanks to Tracy Rodger for lending the jacket and skirts.

Three shoots into leading the team, this was as exhaustive as the last. Booking 12 models, 2 hair stylists, 1 mua, and 1 to hop between both – I decided to snag an assistant for the day of shooting. (Tristan, thank-you, thank-you for all your wonderful help!)

Prep for this shoot was interesting. Along side booking and applications the day of, I took on wardrobe styling and bit off a little more than I could chew. While the burlesque shoot demanded hair pieces, I spent most of my prep time for this theme working with the actual clothing.

Some pieces were selected from closets – some on the other hand, had to be sewn, dyed, fitted, ripped, torn, taken in, and all that jazz. It’s an interesting conundrum when you must explain to your landlord while you are boiling garments on your stove in a bubbly yellow mess.

Shopping finally finished up 4 days prior to shooting. We still had 3 pieces to complete, and the Ring Master’s shorts to alter. (Fit, take in, raise the waist, sew back up – I am sorry for putting you through that Maria!)

May 20th came quickly, and luckily I had a select few models who either slept over the night before or came to my house for an early round of make up. (Bribed with breakfast and waffles of course!) Starting the day at 7am -the Gypsy, Mime, and Horse Rider were almost set once we got to the venue at the 4pm call time.

Among the characters booked was the lovely Dani Pants doing areal silks. Location options were limited due to the need for silks support but we lucked out and found a great place to set up shop! Huge huge thanks to Josh at The Fall Tattooing & Artists Gallery for letting us use the space and sponsoring this workshop!

Keeping the idea in my head “antique circus”, I began work on the Fire Breather and Areal Act using Ben Nye Clown White and lining the face with Ben Nye black cream. Maintaining black and white similarities, Mae Calinisan and Emma Garland joined the team again to work on other characters. A make up extensive shoot, only two faces did not have the whited out base.
Eyes, lips, lashes, and other details were done with a mix of products – brushes were cleaned between rounds with Cover FX Brush Cleaner. Hair was styled by Erika Gingrich and Chelsea Lynne, Tristan Igriczi assisted with dressing, call times, and tool prep.

This chapter brought a new addition to workshops, beggining with a speach on technique relevent to the theme.

We wrapped up around midnight, yawning and exhausted, but generally happy and excited to see the results. It was a huge change from our usual early morning shoot, but working around store hours was definitely worth the use of location.

Jumping into July, we are now working on our Hollywood Icons theme – due in the second half of the month. Another great location booked, the spots in this one are to fill up fast.
Those interested in attending workshops can find the calendar and openings >> here <<

Models I worked with on this shoot:
Caelyx, Ring Master
Nemo, Fire Breather
Dani Pants, Areal Silks
Matthew Theil, Mime
Basia Wabick, Fortune Teller
Carly Winch, Horse Rider

View my work with GreaTaste >>here<<

View all work from this shoot >>here<<

View more behind the scenes >>here<<

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