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Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Rianne

24 Mar


  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platnum
  • Lise Watier Eye Shine: Marine 70667
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Bleus
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand: Champagne


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Double Applicator Eye Shadow Brush


  • using an eye primer will amp up pigments and hold blending all day
  • skip cleaning your brush between highlight and blending smokey eye for a soft color change

Step by Step:

Nail Lust!

essie Sure Shot

Salley Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzle

Nicole by OPI Look at Me Look at Me!

Lise Watier Backstage


Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Tracy

23 Mar

Glitter is your night reflectors. Shine like the stars and bounce down the street!


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX Cream Foundation
  • Cover FX Radiance FX: Platinum
  • Lise Watier Crayon Gloss: Passion Fuchsia


  • Cover FX 160 Brush
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Definition Brush


  • illuminate bare lids with Cover FX Eye Prep and highlighter
  • Keep mascara minmal, applying one clean sweep of a lengthening formula

Step by Step:

  1. Prep with Cover FX Primer and Eye Prep
  2. Highlight features with Cover FX Radiant FX using the 140 Brush for cheekbones and Definition Brush for nose and brow bones
  3. Apply one clean  coat of lengthening mascara, such as Lise Watier Feline HD
  4. Top lips with Lise Watier Crayon Gloss in Passion Fuchsia

Nail Lust!

GOSH Blue Balloon

Lise Watier Collection

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Lady Luck

essie Pink-a-Boo

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Lizbit

22 Mar

Always a focus in the room, metallics shine like your personality.


  • Anna Sui Glittering Eye Color: 001
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Charbons
  • Cover FX Bronze FX: Golden Peach
  • Lise Watier Duo Glam Rouge Infiniti: Corail Pop


  • Cover FX 120 brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Cover FX 140 brush


  • apply a stain to lips before lipstick for an all day pop of color
  • choose a lengthening mascara to accentuate dainty lashes

Step by Step:

  1. Prep with Cover FX Primer and Eye Prep
  2. Create a flawless base with Cover FX foundation
  3. Use Cover FX 120 brush to apply Anna Sui eye color from last to crease
  4. Use Lise Watier eye shadow brush to apply Les Charbons #3. Press over lid, lash to crease
  5. Lightly apply Cover FX Golden Peach to cheek bones. Blend well
  6. Apply Lise Watier Duo Rouge stain to lips. Let set
  7. Apply lengthening mascara, such as Lise Watier Feline Mascara HD
  8. Apply Lise Watier Duo Rouge lipstick in Corail Pop

Nail Lust!

GOSH Metallic Purple

Quo by ORLY The Blue Box

Nicole by OPI Great Minds Pink Alike

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sorbet

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Leanne

21 Mar

Play up ocean inspiration while you count down the days to spring beaches. Blues and corals add soft pops of color.


  • Lise Watier Waterproof Eyeliner: Blanc 667
  • Lise Watier Duo Mineral Shadow: Bleu Ocean
  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platinum
  • Lise Watier Crayon Gloss: Bronze Romance


  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Definition Brush
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Lip Brush


  • sheer out natural gloss or balm for soft dewy lips
  • allow a couple minutes drying time between mascara coast for maximum volume

Step by Step

  1. Prep with Cover FX Brite Prep and Eye Prep for a radiant base
  2. Create flawless coverage using Cover FX liquid, cream, or loose mineral foundation
  3. Liner inner eyes with Lise Watier Eyeliner Blanc
  4. Press the lighter shade from Lise Watier Duo Mineral Shadow Bleu Ocean from last to crease, covering entire lid
  5. Dust Cover FX Radiant FX over cheekbones
  6. Apply volumizing mascara, try Benefit Bad Gal Lash
  7. Apply Lise Watier Crayon Gloss in Bronze Romance to center and lower lip. Blend out with finger or lip brush

Nail Lust!

Quo by ORLY Tease

Gosh Rose

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Haute Chocolate

Lise Watier Silhouette

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Lucy

20 Mar

Lucy is a lovely little sass pot – she cracks me up.


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX Bronzing FX: Golden Peach
  • Cover FX Radian FX: Platinum
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand: Champagne


  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Definition Brush


  • use Cover FX Eye Prep to illuminate nude eyes
  • contour and highlight with a barely there powder for subtle glow

Step by Step:

  1. Prime with Cover FX Eye Prep and Brite Prep
  2. Apply a flawless base with Cover FX Cream or Loose Mineral Foundation
  3. Apply blush boldy along cheek bones. Blend edges
  4. Highlight contours with Cover FX Radian FX, dusting over cheek bones, brow bones, nose, and chin
  5. Apply Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand in Champagne. Pat lips to matte (Dust Cover FX Matte FX over creams for a long lasting matte look)
  6. Apply lengthening mascara

Nail Lust!

Quo by ORLY Lilac Lust

Quo by ORLY Orange Pop

essie No More Film

Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together

A.Y. Not Dead : C-Heads Magazine

30 Jan

A.Y. Not Dead : C-Heads Magazine.


I just found out about A.Y. Not Dead, an awesome Argentinian label. The fashion is a mix of punk, streetwear and rock & roll. Their latest Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook photographed by Rosana Schoijett is really cool. Aww.. now where is the summer?

CC Kuo : C-Heads Magazine

10 Jan

CC Kuo : C-Heads Magazine.



Who is the person behind the label CC KUO?
CC Kuo

What does fashion mean for you?
Passion and attitude.

You are based in London – could you imagine to do your job anywhere else in the world – or is it the place to be for a designer?
I am doing my design job around the world.

Amongst others you have worked for Alexander McQueen – what are your memories of that time and of him?
He is unique.

Why did you decide to create your own label at the end- I mean the competition is enormous and I am sure even if being very talented it is tough, isn´t it?
Fashion is a tough world, but I just love it and love to create my own pretty things.

What or who inspires you?
Anything and anyone.

Who would you like to design something for?
Myself. I have to love my creations first then tell people how beautiful they are.

In 5 years you would like to be?
A fashion designer.

5 things you cannot live without?
Mobile, paper, pen, tissue, money.

Any new years resolutions?
Work harder.

Interview by Sigrun Guggenberger

CC KUO SS2012 – The Black Stripe
Special thanks to Shyalala Studio

Montana Lowery : C-Heads Magazine

9 Jan

Montana Lowery : C-Heads Magazine.


Photographer: Montana Lowery
Photography Assistant’s: Amy Maidment
Hair: Angela Lowery @ Ysalon
Make-up: Julie Patterson
Stylist: Yoseph Hammad
Blonde Model: Fransiska @ Leni’s Models
Brown hair Model: Chloe @ Elite Models London

all images © Montana Lowery

Vancouver Fashion Weak.

24 Nov

There’s always been a negative connotation to words above, Vancouver Fashion Week, anytime I’ve heard someone talk about it I’ve also heard scoffs and laughter about how most thinks it’s a joke and that anyone who truly wants to be involved in the Fashion industry in Vancouver does NOT associate with VFW.

Now that’s a pretty scary thing for someone who wants to be in the industry to hear, so many people have been fooled and worked to the bone for little or no credit or thanks at all. A few weeks ago my friend tweeted about a website she found that helps to expose VFW, and the person who runs it.

I truly am surprised that this website didn’t surface sooner if there have been SO many people who have been burned and felt overburdened by working with and for VFW in the past years. I remember going to a show while I was in school and it didn’t seem very put together, the runway was taped down and noticeable, it started late and had musical and lighting difficulties. I felt terribly sorry for the designer. I did have a weird experience with VFW a few years ago, it was the fall after I had just graduated school and I hadn’t really heard negative things about VFW, I hadn’t really heard much about it general, that probably should have been a sign. Anyways, I had some meetings with the man who runs it and he said he wanted to hire me, but never made it official, he had me help out, as a test, when they were looking for models to join the show. It was terribly unorganized and so many people didn’t know what they were actually there for. It raised a red flag, he said he wanted me to help with a VFW teaser fashion show the following week at a hotel, I really wanted to be involved so I said I would. I was in charge of dressing the models and making sure all the accessories and clothing were accounted for after the show was said and done. He said the show went great and that I did an amazing show and he really wanted me involved, but never contacted me after that day to hire me. It was a strange thing.

Most of you are probably reading this wondering what the heck I’m talking about or maybe some have been involved or have been weirded out by it. I just wanted to write about my experience and post the website so that hopefully somehow we can gather people and contact someone in the city to change and actually start an organized, supported Vancouver Fashion Week. So that people who are passionate about fashion and amazing local designers can be highlighted and recognized in a proper way!

Here’s the website for you to check out yourself,  Vancouver Fashion Weak. There are a lot of upset people so some of the comments are pretty intense and silly.

VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK 2011 | C-Heads Magazine

21 Nov

The Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 is over. More than 50 national & international designers showed their spring/summer 2012 collections. New fresh and also established designers presented diverse prints, while other ones selected block colors for their collections. The designers experimented with draping, asymmetry and wild slicing fabrics. Here are some selected favorite impressions of the Shows.

more: VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK 2011 | C-Heads Magazine.

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