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Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Rianne

24 Mar


  • Cover FX Radiant FX: Platnum
  • Lise Watier Eye Shine: Marine 70667
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Bleus
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand: Champagne


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Lise Watier Double Applicator Eye Shadow Brush


  • using an eye primer will amp up pigments and hold blending all day
  • skip cleaning your brush between highlight and blending smokey eye for a soft color change

Step by Step:

Nail Lust!

essie Sure Shot

Salley Hansen Gem Crush Razzle Dazzle

Nicole by OPI Look at Me Look at Me!

Lise Watier Backstage


Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Lizbit

22 Mar

Always a focus in the room, metallics shine like your personality.


  • Anna Sui Glittering Eye Color: 001
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Quartet: Les Charbons
  • Cover FX Bronze FX: Golden Peach
  • Lise Watier Duo Glam Rouge Infiniti: Corail Pop


  • Cover FX 120 brush
  • Lise Watier Eye Shadow Brush
  • Cover FX 140 brush


  • apply a stain to lips before lipstick for an all day pop of color
  • choose a lengthening mascara to accentuate dainty lashes

Step by Step:

  1. Prep with Cover FX Primer and Eye Prep
  2. Create a flawless base with Cover FX foundation
  3. Use Cover FX 120 brush to apply Anna Sui eye color from last to crease
  4. Use Lise Watier eye shadow brush to apply Les Charbons #3. Press over lid, lash to crease
  5. Lightly apply Cover FX Golden Peach to cheek bones. Blend well
  6. Apply Lise Watier Duo Rouge stain to lips. Let set
  7. Apply lengthening mascara, such as Lise Watier Feline Mascara HD
  8. Apply Lise Watier Duo Rouge lipstick in Corail Pop

Nail Lust!

GOSH Metallic Purple

Quo by ORLY The Blue Box

Nicole by OPI Great Minds Pink Alike

Sally Hansen Smooth & Perfect Sorbet

Seven Flawless Days of Spring: Lucy

20 Mar

Lucy is a lovely little sass pot – she cracks me up.


  • Cover FX Eye Prep
  • Cover FX Bronzing FX: Golden Peach
  • Cover FX Radian FX: Platinum
  • Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand: Champagne


  • Cover FX 140 Brush
  • Lise Watier Definition Brush


  • use Cover FX Eye Prep to illuminate nude eyes
  • contour and highlight with a barely there powder for subtle glow

Step by Step:

  1. Prime with Cover FX Eye Prep and Brite Prep
  2. Apply a flawless base with Cover FX Cream or Loose Mineral Foundation
  3. Apply blush boldy along cheek bones. Blend edges
  4. Highlight contours with Cover FX Radian FX, dusting over cheek bones, brow bones, nose, and chin
  5. Apply Lise Watier Rouge Gourmand in Champagne. Pat lips to matte (Dust Cover FX Matte FX over creams for a long lasting matte look)
  6. Apply lengthening mascara

Nail Lust!

Quo by ORLY Lilac Lust

Quo by ORLY Orange Pop

essie No More Film

Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together

SHEA GO Lucky Lips Lip Balm *****

2 Feb

I’m on to my second stick of this (the first is probably lost in a random purse) and find it quite comparable to more expensive lip balms. Shea Go lip balms can be found online from Natural Beauty Canada for $4.99. (Buy here) They come in a range of scents and act as a basic no frills moisturizer for your lips. I currently have vanilla and love the mild scent.  A really cool fact is that the product is actually a Vancouver BC local! Produced by Greenhouse Health & Beauty.

The main ingredients include Sunflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and Parfum – making it a veggie friendly product, but not completely vegan.

Paraben Free
Scent: Ranges
Texture: Cream Stick
5 ml
Product of CANADA

* No sensativity issues
* Very effective|
* Easy to use
* Great price point
* Not aimed to be prestige but still cute!

Recommended Use:

Apply as needed.

ETIVAL LABORATOIRE Ener-C Moisturizing Lotion

31 Jan

I studied the product a couple years ago and decided to give it a try when I spotted it on special. It is very comparable to VICHY’s Aqualia Antiox Moisturizer, my current choice product. They are both packed with vitamin C and produced by dermotologist recommended companies. After trying both, I would stick the the claim of them being very similar, but recommend each to a different consumers. This particular product I would say is great for those with drier skin, as it is a thicker cream. It also boasts a protection of SPF 30, for those looking to combine products.

Personally, I will stick the the lotion produced by VICHY. It is a fluid texture, allowing quick absorption, and I notice a larger increase in radiance from this product versus the cream above.

Dermatologist Recommended
Paraben Free
SPF 30
Texture: Cream
50 ml
Product of CANADA

1/2 Great for all skin types, except those experiencing sensitivity to vitamin C or oranges
1/2 Decent in all categories of effectiveness
* Easy to use, quick application
* Fairly priced and regularly with promotion
1/2 Not targeted to prestige, but fair use

Recommended Use:

Apply to face and neck, avoiding eye area, after cleansing and/or toning the skin. Can be worn alone or under make up. Allow for 1 to 2 minutes for absorption before applying following products.

HAWAIIAN TROPIC After Sun Lotion ****1/2

3 Aug

SO – I had written earlier about my pains with a sunburn and how I found relief in white vinegar. The second part of that relief and helping my skin stay hydrated is Hawaiian Tropic’s After Sun lotion. It’s fantastic. Goes, on quick and easy, and smells delicious. You can find it at basically any drug store and probably even some larger grocery stores. I found it at London Drugs and there was a Manager’s Special on, if you bought two Hawaiian Tropic products you’d receive $10 off…! Obviously I did, without the discount coupon the lotion is $12.99 for a large 480mL pump bottle.

For a little more info on the lotion I turned to the Hawaiian Tropic website to see what they tell you about the product and it’s offerings. Here’s what they said;

• High quality Aloe Vera
• Cocoa Butter and exotic moisturizers
• Helps maintain your tan
• Perfect for daily use
• Replenishes moisture that is lost from environmental effects of the sun, water and wind
• Vitamin enriched

Now get those tans preserved and that skin moisturized, go pick up a bottle of this and enjoy your summer!

Scent: Lime Coolada
Texture: Medium to Light
Size: 480mL
Country of origin: USA

*No sensitivity issues
*12hr moisture and hydration
*Fast and easy to use, dries quick
*Decent price, sometimes on special
1/2 smells amazing, I wish they were in smaller bottles to take everywhere!

Recommended Use: Anytime

  1. Lotion after shower, sunburns, when skin is dry

COVER FX Setting FX Translucent Loose Mineral Powder *****

17 Mar

Praise for this product and line are endless. Cover FX Translucent Loose Mineral Powder is the setting powder every make up artist needs in their kits and every lady or gent needs for personal use. This fine milled powder sets cream and liquid foundation for extended wear and prevents color transfer. A modest price is attached to this great product, one jar will last you a years worth of personal use.  While labeled “translucent”, this product also comes in “dark”, which was tailored by requests for darker skin tones worried about using white powder, but one of the great things about this product is that ANY skin tone can use the “white” shade. Veering off the beaten path, Cover FX Setting FX contains no talc (this is what gives powders that whitish look when put on any more than bare minimum), giving consumers the freedom to use one shade on all tones and not worry about whiting out yourself or client.

Cover FX is a Canadian line specializing in foundation and coverage for problem skin. The brand was spawned from Lee Graff’s vision on making corrective make up accessible to all people with all needs and sensitivities. Teaming up with Chemical engineer Jenny Frankel, and leading dermatologist Dr. Neil Shear, Cover FX began to come to life. Products concentrating on creating the perfect  complexion on any person, Cover FX specializes in coverage for severe acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation (birthmarks), and uneven skin tone. Starting out in a Toronto hospital, you can now find these products in Canada exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and certain other locations in the US.

Paraben Free
Oil Free
Scent Free
Powder Texture
13g / 0.43oz.
Product of Canada

* Made for sensitive skin
* Very effective
* Easy to use
* Great price, long lasting
* All the other benefits make this almost seen prestige for sensitive skin

Recommended Use:

  1. Cleanse face and moisturize
  2. Apply concealer &/or foundation as usual
  3. Apply Setting FX with powder brush or puff

BIODERMA Sébium Pore Refiner ***

1 Mar

This lotion is a newer product brought into Canada from French skin care line Bioderma. Using exclusive patented Fluidactiv® complex, this corrective concentrate states it will tighten dilated pores and refine skin texture. The texture is light, almost a serum, and there is relatively no scent. Being that this product is from Bioderma, I had no problem with sensitivities at all. I used this product to the last drop, but did not notice the changes I was hoping for. I can’t put down the product completely, it may work better on some as my pores aren’t very large to begin with.

Bioderma is a dermatological line from France. They proudly produce great products and maintain an awareness of sensitive skin. There are many molecule patents under this line and the science to back up their products. You won’t find much of this in Canada, but what you can is still great to get your hands on!

Scent: None
Texture: Light
Size: 30 ml
Country of origin: France

*No sensitivity issues
*Fast and easy to use
1/2 Decent price, but rarely on special
1/2 Nice texture for any skin type

Recommended Use: Morning

  1. Cleanse face and apply toner
  2. Apply a pea sized amount all over face or locally on the T-zone
  3. Follow with daily moisturizer
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