Rating Breakdown

We rate every product with a standard grading of each important factor. Below is a break down of what we take into consideration when rating products in our reviews.

20%, Sensitivity – how gentle is a product? 10% given to products that may cause a tingle or more, 20% given to no fail, always comforting, exceptional products for even the most sensitive of skin (And we know sensitive!)

20%, Effectiveness – 10% for products giving immediate to fast visible/noticeable results, 10% for those with long lasting effects without reapplication

20%, Procedure – 10% for ease of use, 10% given for application time, cause we all want that one step product that goes on in 10 seconds!
–please note, any product title marked with ^ is classified a professional’s product and ease of use will be based on a professional level

20% Bang for your buck – is the product worth what you’re dishing out? Or is that tag a little off from expectations? 10% for pricing, 10% for products with regular discounts or promotions

20%, Prestige Factor – this covers everything to be considered in a luxury product; texture, fragrance, visual, and enjoyment during use


Find a complete list of reviews >>here<<


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