BENEFIT Bad Gal Lash Mascara **1/2

5 Mar

Walk into any beauty bar and the girls will tell you just how amazing Bad Gal Lash by Benefit is. I was almost one of these girls.

Always relying on the feedback of this product, I believed it was one of the best on the market. This is actually somewhat of a sad post for me, as I’ve had a soft sport for this product since I first laid eyes on it – always looked forward to owning it – so excited when I finally peeled off the wrapping – “Merry Christmas Lashes!” is exactly what I was expecting. Unfortunately I tend to build things up a little quickly in my naive heart.

Even while writing this, I am unsure how to rate this – the color is jet black, the brush a fat mother, and the name reminiscent of a friend of mine. While my lashes were evenly coated, they didn’t really have much “WOW” factor. (The over all look wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing either.) Fullness was probably my biggest disappointment. The formula is buildable, but I strongly recommend allowing some dry time between coats unless you are looking to glue mulptiple lashes together. (Probably not your daily – unless you’re one of those weirdos I tend to be seen with.)
Lash seperation in gerneral was less than loved. A quick swipe is decent, but a good application requires a steady hand at the base and wiggling the want root to tip. Some may say this is always a proper application – I say true, but with less effort. I have no problem applying this technique on set for another face, but when I’m doing my own at 4:30 am, before coffee – or after a glass of wine – I don’t need to poke my eye out in order to  bat my lashes.

Since so much of this post is based on my feelings, here are some facts. It lasted all day. My hypoeverything eyes felt no irritation. I saw no flaking but some to minimal smudging under the eye through out the day. The color was great, but the application required attention to detail. Priced at $30, it is very comparable to Maybelline’s Collussol, found regularly around $10.

**Thinking about this product for your kit? Ensure your disposable wands aren’t too thin for brush off when pulling from the tube.

* no irritations on sensitive eyes
1/2 effective with effort, long lasting with minimal smuding
1/2 decent application
1/2 decent price, great if you can find in a promo such as the Double the Bad with Bad Gal Liner
nothing special about visual or application

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