BIODERMA Sensibio AR Anti-Redness Cream *****

1 Feb

I haven’t used this product in a couple of years but the results still stick in my head. Actually the fact that I haven’t used this product in a couple years is probably WHY the results stick in my head. BIODERMA‘s Senibio line is formulated for the most sensitive skin and this particular product is targeted to those experiencing irritation and redness in the face. I wasn’t particularly happy with the texture – a thick cream – but what was I to expect for a product specifically for red sensitive skin?

Sensibio AR uses the Rosactiv Patent, a brand formulation to sooth skin and train flaring capillaries to calm down. At the time, I was experiencing quite a bit of redness in a band over my nose, particularly developing Rosacea, which runs in my family. I was told by the rep that if I was unhappy with this cream she would reimburse me fully, and after I emptied the bottle, I had no reason to return. Since using this product, I have gone two years without the noticeable redness and flaring blood vessels. I am not saying that every person will receive results as quickly and effectively as I did, but I would highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing chronic redness in their face.
Dermatologist Recommended
Paraben Free
Fragrance Free
Texture: Thick Cream

40 ml
Product of FRANCE

* Recommended for sensitive skin
* Effective with long lasting results
* Easy and quick to use
* Worth every penny
* Not targeted for prestige

Recommended Use:

Apply once or twice a day after cleansing skin.


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