REVLON PhotoReady Liquid Foundation **1/2

31 Jan

The hype for this PhotoReady line was pretty big when it first came out. It was marketed as the cross over from “off the wall” (the peg wall in a cosmetics department) and “professional” (industry directed brands) products, hitting the begging of the “make up artist fad”. The packaging is slick blacks with complimentary text – very reminiscent of Smashbox, a hailing studio brand.

I gave this product a shot with an unbiased eye – and just confirmed my thoughts on never buying foundation “off the wall”. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t COMPLETELY horrible, but I didn’t enjoy it either. However, if you are on a STRICT budget, and had no choice but to purchase off the wall, this would be the one foundation I would recommend to you.

The application was like any liquid foundation, but I did find this one particularly….. slippery? The product is listed as oil free, but there is still a noticeable slickness when applying. This is something I would expect from a product requiring a setting powder, but I do remember the Revlon trainer saying that second step was unnecessary for their products.

Despite the slip, it did live up to it’s claim of complete coverage. I was particularly impressed with the amount of coverage coming from this product, although it was not worth the trade of consistently feeling oily throughout the day. I also noticed product transfer whenever somthing touched my face (my cellphone took a particular hit).
SPF # 20
Oil Free
Fragrance Free
Texture: Liquid
30 ml / 1 floz.

* No issues with sensitivity
1/2 Decent coverage, consistent product transfer
1/2 Easy to use, greasy texture
1/2 Regularly on special, priced very close to product worth their claims
No prestige factor


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