LOTUS Pressed Shadow ****1/2

10 Jan

I tried out the Lotus Pressed shadows for an easy daily set of eye shadows. There are four in the palette. My colours are Grey, White, Pink and Brown. These are some of my favs because the colours are so basic and easy to play with and mix with other colours in your makeup bag. I took some photos of just a basic application. My one and only complaint about the shadow is that I felt like I had to add a lot to get and find colour on my eyes. Now, this could also be because most of the colours in my palette are lighter. (below is the colour palette that I have)

The eyeshadow goes on smooth and stays put, it has no scent and feels great on! Sometimes eye shadows can crease into your eyelids and this is something that doesn’t have with this shadow. No need to put a primer of any sort onto your eyes before to make sure it stays all day. These colours are nice because they’re basic and simple and don’t look like you’re wearing a ton of makeup, just something nice and natural. It’s also cool because the shadows are natural and organic, so you’re not putting chemicals near your eyes.

For a regular daytime look on your eye, like I did above on this paper…brush the pink lightly over your whole lid and then put the grey along your lash line, but don’t make it too heavy or you’ll make yourself look tired. Then I blended the brown and white in the crease of the eye to make sure everything works well together. Add some mascara and you’re good to go!

Here’s what the website says about the shadows! (I agree!)

“All natural eye makeup made with pure minerals, infused with extracts. Our natural eye cosmetics provide stunning, long-lasting eye color.”

“4 Pressed Mineral Eye Shadows Our pressed mineral eye shadow is soft, creamy formulation of pure pigments with photonic technology makes it easy to go from subtle to dramatic shades that last all day. Or use as eyeliner, depending on the application technique. Natural minerals combined with antioxidant-rich, moisturizing extracts also help prevent fine lines and wrinkles”

$20 for all four and a lovely compact!

Rating Breakdown:

Sensitivity – full star, no sensitivity
Efectiveness – 1/2 star, I REALLY have to layer it to notice colour differences.
Procedure – easy to apply, full star!
Bang for your Buck – full star, I found it on the lotus website for $20 – not bad for FOUR shadows!
Prestige factor – full star, works nicely and doesn’t feel caked on.

Recommended Use:
Whenever you want to enhance your lovely eyes and add some colour to your day.


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