KMS Hair Play – Makeover Spray ****1/2

25 Nov

I’m not a fan of washing my hair everyday and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. So here I am writing a review for some GREAT dry shampoo.

I was hesitant at first of how well it works. But, I really like this stuff! Just spray it in and run your fingers through your hair and you’re basically good to go! Works best for blondes, I would say, but I’ve had MANY customers with dark brown and black hair who also swear by this product!

AND it smells AMAZING. Nothing better, smell does matter! KMS is a brand from California that has a range of different hair products. At the moment they are in the middle of re-branding (see new bottle of Makeover Spray to the left) repackaging can be a little bit confusing, and they are discontinuing some products, but thankfully not this one!

Sensitivity – None at all!
Effectiveness – Works fast and works well
Procedure – just spray in and brush through your hair with fingers to blend any powder residue (quick and easy!)

Bang for your buck – product ranges from $10-15 if you find it on sale or not. (if you’re looking for the best deal on it, visit Zennkai Salon locations and info found here) lasts a while for short to medium hair, goes a little faster with longer hair, depends how much you spray and how often you use it!
Prestige factor – smells great and works well, reputable company.

here’s the old bottle, keep an eye out for both when searching for this gem!


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