Revlon lipstick, don’t do it! *1/2

18 Oct

So, I always feel like I am on the search for a sweet red lipstick. Here I thought I found one in Revlon. Boy was I wrong! This post is here to save you the at least $7 or $8 you’ll spend on a lipstick. Don’t do it, spend a few more pennies and invest in MAC.

This is the exact container and colour of my Revlon lipstick, I don’t remember the name of it, I apologize. But I promptly threw it out after feeling like my lips were dry after a night of wearing it. Or having to CONSTANTLY re-apply it and it smudging all over, and on my teeth (NEVER a good look!!!).

Here’s my rating breakdown of the Revlon lipstick.

Sensitivity – no stars, it left my lips un-moisturized.
Effectiveness – 1/2 star, I noticed the colour, but it sure didn’t stay long.
Procedure – One star – easy and quick to apply.
Bang for your buck – no stars, I threw mine away, along with the money I paid to purchase it!
Presitge Factor – no stars, unless you feel prestigious with lipstick on your teeth!

Overall Revlon lipstick earns *1/2 total in my books!


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