Backstage Pass: Kaitlin Grows a Window Display

12 Aug

I’m often overwhelmed with what to say when people ask me what I do during my work day.

It’s really quite a range of things. So today I’ll let you in on a few things that I get to do that I think are pretty fun.

When I was little I used to have to help my dad out around the house and the yard, doing painting and drilling things and even using a nail gun. Little did I know that I would someday do these things again. I always thought to myself “when the heck am I ever going to use this when I grow up?!”

Well, here it is. I work for Urban Outfitters and we build pretty much ALL of our fixtures and items in the windows and the floors. It’s a really hands on job, and I’m just someone who helps out with it sometimes! We have a specific person in charge of all the building called the Display Artist, he’s the one behind all the handiwork.

One of my favourite things that I’ve been able to help with is when we were drawing flowers and leaves patterns on our windows for a window display. We were sent the graphics from Head Office and we transferred them to the windows with Sharpie paint pens. They were really fun to use and the final outcome was so cool! It sure took a lot of time and a steady hand with some ad-libbed flowers to get it all right. But the final product was something that made our windows stand out among the crowds of downtown Vancouver.

I’ve attached some photos for you to see what the final product looked like. If you’re interested in using the pens they are Sharpie paint pens and found at Home Depot and come off later fairly easily with some Windex and a razor blade. It won’t come off just with Windex, so you can still clean your window if you have it on! If there is ANY sort of film on the window…DO NOT DO IT, it will stay put for what seems like forever. And will not be removed easily. There is a film on some of our windows and we had to use a semi abrasive scrub to get the flowers off, but in turn it scratched the film and still left an outline of the flowers on it. So we had to remove the film and replace it. Just so you’re aware!


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