Too young to model?

11 Aug

There has been a buzz in the fashion world the past week or so about a little girl named Thylane Blondeau. She’s 10 years old and absolutely stunning. Personally I don’t think that means that she should be thrust into the fashion and model world just yet. I think she should get to enjoy her childhood and explore her model beauty a few years down the road. Models seem to be getting younger and younger, and to me it seems a little weird when young models are wearing and advertising big couture names that really only the famous and older, well established people can afford, don’t you?

Anyways. If this lovely little girl is modeling, I think it should definitely ONLY be children’s wear that she is wearing and showing, not in seductive or alluring poses and giving pouty faces while putting on deep dark lipstick.

Here’s a video from ABC that I watched about it all.

The clip brings up something else in fashion that has been a controversy. Hailey Steinfeld 14, and Elle Fanning 13, have both been featured in high fashion ad campaigns this past year. Again, I personally think they’re too young to do be doing modeling for such high fashion brands in a more alluring and provocative manner. They’re so young, I get a weird feeling thinking about these ads. And what are they trying to portray? We all know that the media fully believes and endorses that “Sex sells” and they are putting these young girls in ads where they are advertising clothing, lifestyles and brands geared to an older generation, where sex sells. Are they crossing lines and making these girls grow up too early? Are they crossing the line and putting unneeded and controversial attention on them from older men and women? I think so, where is the line drawn?

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment here or tweet me at @kaitlin_michele or @kaitlinmstyle

I’ve also linked another blog post about Thylane that makes some good points and talks about more of her portfolio.


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