ESTEE LAUDER More Than Mascara *****

6 Aug

Quite often Estee Lauder is viewed as for a more mature consumer base, but the brand actually keeps up to date quite nicely. I came across this product from my grandmother (surprise), and surprisingly fell in love with it! It claims to be a moisture-binding formula; what I noticed? There was no clumping, no flaking, no huge dollop of product at the end of your wand. The final look was very clean and pretty, not the product when looking for bold full lashes, but more towards long and dainty. I found the product compared very well to Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Mascara.

My only complaints? The tube I was given was brown not black, and I have currently run out. (And maybe sales people, but we’ll rant about that later.)
Estee Lauder was founded as a brand in 1946 by the woman herself and husband Joseph. She started with four products and the belief that every woman can be beautiful. As the company blossomed, Lauder insisted that its images portray beauty that was both aspirational and approachable. Now expanding to a large beauty empire, Estee Lauder not only has a hand in their own products, but Aveda, Bobbie Brow, Clinique, (and more!) as well.
Texture: Gel
.23 oz.

* I had no sensitivity issues
* Great for a defined look, no wear out through out the day
* Quick and easy to use
* Not a bad price for mascara, the line regularly has promotions
* How could anything from this line not be in this category?
Recommended Use:

  1. Apply after eye make up or wear alone

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