DEEP STEEP Organic Foaming Hand Wash *****

5 Aug

Where do I start, where do I start? My mind is all scrambled because all I can think about is how good my hands smell right now.

The ONLY time it is ok to sniff your hands after using the washroom! Deep Steep, you’ve won over my nose-buds. (That’s taste-buds for scent!) I got this product from Natural Beauty Canada, not really knowing what to expect, never expecting to get excited over a hand wash. (Did I mention it smells GREAT?) The twist pump brings the liquid soap up into a foam, which I found surprisingly soft. I usually have a problem with my hands becoming too dry from washing throughout the day; although using this product there was a notable difference in the lack of dehydration. Having sensative skin, I was pleased when I saw how gentle it was on my hands while still managing to remove dirt and felt.
The self-proclaimed “perfect cure to the common soap”, this product comes in five lovely scents. (Mine was Honeydew Spearmint!) You can find them through Natural Beauty, Finlandia Pharmacy, Pure Pharmacy, or select Pharasaves in the GVA,

Deep Steep involves the concepts of luxury and integrity. They promise a retreat from the ordinary and a refreshing level of quality; providing customers with personal care products that feel good, smell good, and simply are good.
Originality founded in 2002 by earth-conscious entrepreneurs, Deep Steep is dedicated to producing luxury bath and body products that benefit both the planet and consumer.

Paraben Free
No Mineral Oil
No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
No Artificial Fragrances
No Chemical Preservatives
Scent: Multi
Texture: Liquid to Foam
258 ml / 8.75 fl oz.
Product of USA

* Great on sensitive skin
* Works quickly, lasting scent
* Easy to use
* Great price (cheaper than some drug store brands!)
* Prestige and organic, what more could a lady ask for?


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