Polka Dot Nails How-To

4 Aug

I sometimes have a hard time choosing between all the colours of nailpolish I have, so it helps to get creative and incorporate wearing a few at once!

I was inspired by a photo of polka dot nails I had seen online a while ago, I had a little extra time to play around so I thought I’d show you how to do it!

It’s super simple, anyone can pull it off!

First things first, pick your colours! I used a light blue as my base coat and then chose 4 other colours to go with.

Start off by giving yourself a good base, depending on the consistency of your polish you’ll need a few coats so you’re not streaky. I usually say that it’s a safe bet to do 3, sometimes 4 depending on how thin the polish is.

Then choose your  first colour for the dots….I used yellow first. I took the brush and dabbed some extra polish onto a hard surface and then closed the bottle again, you don’t need very much, but make sure you have enough that it won’t dry on you too fast. The top of my nail polish box is covered in paint and colours already, so I didn’t mind adding more to it.

To get those perfect little circles I actually used the head of a straight pin – careful not to prick yourself! It worked better than a toothpick, in my opinion, because I didn’t get as large of a drop on my nail. Then, let it dry and apply your next colour! Repeat until you’ve used all the colours you want. I’d say stick to four and use your judgment to gauge how many dots may be too many…get creative! It could be the whole nail you end up doing on one of your fingers for extra oomph.

Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Finish off with a good top coat to seal it all in when you’re completely dry.

My favorite is this Revlon one in the photo below.

Good Luck!!
Tweet me photos of your experience to @kaitlin_michele I’d love to see your nails!


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