The sun came out to play!

3 Aug

…and I got burned. You have to understand that for the past few WEEKS, here in Vancouver we’ve had anything but summer weather. Last week I was wearing boots, jeans and cardigans to work, I wasn’t a fan. SO this weekend when the sun decided to show it’s lovely self to us I took advantage and went to the beach! There were fewer clouds today so my skin didn’t get as many breaks. I know, I know, I should have known better and put more sunscreen on. I put a little on just before going into the sun, I was too eager. And now I’m paying for it.

I’m a fair skinned girl, so it doesn’t actually take that long for me to get a little red to my tone…

Let’s get to the point of this post. I don’t want to peel, and I know it’s kind of payment for my stupidity. BUT still. I’ve always wondered what some of the different ways to get rid of a sunburn and not peel and just refresh your skin are. So I’ve asked some of my other fair skinned friends have done in the past, and I turned to the internet to see what it said there!

First of all, I’ve heard many times that aloe is best, but to counter that argument, I’ve also heard that aloe traps the heat INTO your skin and your burn, which is something you definitely don’t want to do! So I’m trying something different this time.

A few summers ago I used a Jergen’s lotion with Vitamin E in it, and THAT lotion was lovely, it took the burn out pretty fast and made my skin feel great, and didn’t leave a greasy film behind like some lotions do. But a week and a half later, I had a little bit of a peeling problem, thankfully I kept using the lotion and it didn’t last long, nor did it peel too badly.

Moving on, I am currently typing away with a couple paper towels soaked in white vinegar sitting on my arm and shoulders. Now I know you’re probably thinking I’m nuts, but that’s what I’ve heard from a number of different people that actually works to get rid of the burn!! One of my friends even went to the extent of soaking coffee filters in it, laying them on her and then saran wrapping them to her before she went to sleep….and magically she woke in the morning feeling better and not having a painful burn anymore!!

I googled the vinegar one too…and a number of recommendations came up for it. So I took one lady’s recommendations and what I did was first take a cool shower to rinse off any lotion or sweat residue from the day…no soap or anything used though, because we don’t want it to irritate your skin any more than it already is! PAT dry your skin when getting out of the shower, again, not wanting to irritate it.

Next step I went to the kitchen and poured the vinegar in a bowl and soaked some paper towels, then laid them and pat them on my legs and arms in burned areas…and allowed them to air dry. Then I left the damp towels on the parts that were a bit more red. The next step the lady said to do was in the morning to repeat this process…until your burn isn’t painful or irritated anymore. Severe burns she said may take 4-6 times, and not so bad seemed to be fine after two times. THEN, get some yummy smelling after sun lotion and put it all over…make sure to do this often, to keep your skin hydrated. My favourite smelling after sun is Hawaiian Tropic’s after sun lotion – pina colada, or coconut lime! Amazing.

So you’re probably wondering if I smell like I’m trying to make pickles or something…but I don’t smell the vinegar, and I guess tomorrow I will be able to tell you if it lingers or not, and if I can smell it much. More updates to come on this remedy….

In the meantime, be smart (unlike me) and put some sunscreen on before the beach and heading into the sun!



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