HAWAIIAN TROPIC After Sun Lotion ****1/2

3 Aug

SO – I had written earlier about my pains with a sunburn and how I found relief in white vinegar. The second part of that relief and helping my skin stay hydrated is Hawaiian Tropic’s After Sun lotion. It’s fantastic. Goes, on quick and easy, and smells delicious. You can find it at basically any drug store and probably even some larger grocery stores. I found it at London Drugs and there was a Manager’s Special on, if you bought two Hawaiian Tropic products you’d receive $10 off…! Obviously I did, without the discount coupon the lotion is $12.99 for a large 480mL pump bottle.

For a little more info on the lotion I turned to the Hawaiian Tropic website to see what they tell you about the product and it’s offerings. Here’s what they said;

• High quality Aloe Vera
• Cocoa Butter and exotic moisturizers
• Helps maintain your tan
• Perfect for daily use
• Replenishes moisture that is lost from environmental effects of the sun, water and wind
• Vitamin enriched

Now get those tans preserved and that skin moisturized, go pick up a bottle of this and enjoy your summer!

Scent: Lime Coolada
Texture: Medium to Light
Size: 480mL
Country of origin: USA

*No sensitivity issues
*12hr moisture and hydration
*Fast and easy to use, dries quick
*Decent price, sometimes on special
1/2 smells amazing, I wish they were in smaller bottles to take everywhere!

Recommended Use: Anytime

  1. Lotion after shower, sunburns, when skin is dry

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