Come on Barbie, let’s go party.

30 Jul

I couldn’t help myself with this post.

Today, as I was scrolling along through twitter, I found an update from a style blog that had scouted and found the very FIRST Barbie commercial from 1959. It’s terribly cheesy and the song is absolutely ridiculous (and hilarious)…but! the thing they highlighted was that they adored her FASHION. Ohhh Barbie and her clothes, isn’t that the reason all girls played with her growing up? To try on outfits, dressing her up and taking her on dates with Ken, the dreamboat?! I know that’s what I loved most about her. I even made my own clothes for her, dresses, skirts, pants (those didn’t work out so well).I loved being able to dress her up and take her out on the town. To put together things that probably looked absolutely ridiculous, but she could always pull it off, she was Barbie, invincible to the Fashion Police in my eyes.

The clothes Barbie has in this commercial are classic, tailored and lust-worthy. What a wardrobe she has.

I’ve linked the video for the Barbie commercial they posted, and the second one is the first commercial advertising Ken as a new addition to the collection.



Barbie is now 52 years young. I thought I would leave this post with some photos of designers celebrating her 50th birthday…there was a party and a huge fashion show during fashion week where top designers and top models brought the iconic babe to life in three different looks. First inspired by the retro looks and dolls of the 50’s and 60’s, second inspired by Malibu Barbie and the final one inspired by the future of Barbie with edgier looks.

These are some of my favourite looks from the show, plus the designers quotes on what inspired them and their thoughts on Barbie.

Monique Luillier
“Barbie is an American fashion icon, and I have fond childhood memories of dressing her,” said Monique Luillier.

Kenneth Cole
“Barbie is the quintessential woman: confident, sexy and sophisticated,” says Kenneth Cole. “She continuously defines and reinvents herself through her fashion choices and her excellent choice of a distinguished and fashionable partner: Ken.”

Rebecca Taylor
“Barbie is a little girl’s introduction into fashion and style,” said Rebecca Taylor. “They learn how to express personal style by mixing and matching pieces and creating different looks from the Barbie doll collections. Barbie has inspired little girls around the globe for the past 50 years and will continue to be a fashion icon.”

Betsey Johnson
“I’m a Barbie girl, in a Betsey world,” said Betsey Johnson.

The article for Barbie’s 50th anniversary fashion show is at this link… and trust me, you will want to check out all the photos, there are so many goodies!,,20259573_20259343_20580287,00.html
The style blog I found the commercial on is


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