LOTUS PURE ORGANICS Pressed Powder Foundation ***1/2

29 Jul

Lotus pressed powder foundation is amazing, certified organic, and it is easy to use. I was not a fan of powder form foundations before using this product, I found them cakey and fake looking or they would not provide me with enough coverage to correct my skin. This pressed powder is a treat to use considering I couldn’t feel it on my skin and it was very easy to layer and blend with my Kabuki brush.I also found that it provided me with a beautiful base for my blush and made it even easier to blend. This product made my work on-set a breeze when I needed to quickly correct oiliness and shine. My friends and co-workers are constantly asking me if I am wearing makeup or I just have perfect skin since the foundation is seamless and light. I have extremely sensitive skin and have broken out in eczema after using many products, but my skin was clear even after accidentally sleeping with this on.

This Pressed Mineral Foundation SPF 20 provides sheer coverage for a soft, natural finish. With all the same skincare benefits of their Loose Foundation pressed in an elegant compact for added convenience.

Micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection-SPF 20.
No bismuth oxychloride or any other heavy metals.
Contains zinc oxide, which is known for its calming effect on irritated skin.
Free of talc, perfumes, dyes and chemical preservatives.
Compact formula makes it portable, perfect to take with you on the go.
Scent: None
Texture: Light

*No sensitivity issues
*Fast and easy to use
1/2 Decent price, but rarely on special
*Nice texture for any skin type, great for oily skin

Recommended Use:

This product is easy to apply with a Kabuki brush or another tightly packed large firm brush. Simply brush on over T-zone and other desired correcting areas. Layer if you are wanting more coverage.


One Response to “LOTUS PURE ORGANICS Pressed Powder Foundation ***1/2”

  1. kaitlin_michele August 2, 2011 at 10:50 PM #

    Lotus Pressed Powder Foundation ****1/2

    I love it! I’m not a big foundation girl, usually I feel like it’s caked on, heavy and thick. The most I ever use is a little bit of tinted moisturizer to help even out my skin tone and hide a few blemishes. When I was asked to give the Lotus foundation a try I wasn’t even sure on how to be applying it. I didn’t want it to feel like or look like I had a lot on my face. It was suggested that I could use a large brush to put it on, so that’s what I tried…and I LOVE IT! It’s nice and light and evens out my skin tone and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all! I’m a pretty fair skinned person, who hopes to get a little sun this summer to get a healthy glow, I used the fair 2 colour – it’s got a little bit of a pinkish base to it, which fits in perfectly with my colouring. I also tried the medium 2 for a little extra contour and as a bronzer, which also seemed to compliment me well. Using the second, darker colour isn’t something I’m used to, but a welcome change to normal bronzer, I’m usually a girl who likes to have a little sparkle (ok, maybe more than a little) in her bronzer, so having something completely matte gave a different look that I really liked. I think I’ll be introducing that in my regular makeup routine a little bit more often. Another great benefit to this foundation is that you can put it on thicker if you’d like and it still doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a tonne of makeup on your face. ALSO! It’s vegetarian and eco friendly, plus it won’t break the bank, which is something that I am definitely looking for! All around I’d recommend this and say get out there and find your colour!

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