OMEGA ALPHA Resprit Respiratory Formula ****1/2

26 Jul

 This product doesn’t really run in line with cosmetics, but on the professional side I thought it was a great link in. Resprit is a quick cleanse best suited for times when one is stuffed up. The formula comes in liquid form, and taken in 1 tbl spoon doses gets right to work cleaning out the respiratory system.

The first time I tried this I was working a demo for a cosmetics company in a holistic pharmacy. I had such a bad headache and generally just looked run down from my stuffed up sinus. A lady demoing an entire line of cleanses from Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals told me to try this and see how it worked the rest of the day. With in a couple minus I could feel the pressure in my nose and eyes start to dissipate. With in 10 minutes my headache had lessened noticeably.

As with any nasal cleans, there was the slight runny nose – but it was no where near as bad as with most other remedies I had tried. Adding to the benefits is knowing that this product is also made with premium quality all natural ingredients and is Canadian based, being manufactured in Toronto Ontario. Now a staple in my personal fridge (the many people complaining of being stuffed up at my house can vouch for this!), I have nothing but praise for this product.

Omega Alpha products can be found through GreenHouse Marketing, Pure Pharmacy (South Surrey), or other natural food stores and pharmacies.
Ingredients can be found here.
Minty Scent
Liquid Texture
Product of CANADA

1/2 Slightly strong taste
* Effective and fast
* Easy to use
* Decent price
* Hippie Luxury


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