VICHY Purete Thermale Hydra-Perfecting Toner ***1/2

14 Feb

I just emptied this bottle, and I would buy it again. Yet another product given to me as a gift during training, and another winner in my books. Toner is a very important step in your regime, and I can tell when I don’t use the right one for my skin. This product was easy to use and has a convenient packaging (no over spills or difficult tops). The price is decent and VICHY is well known for their great products. There isn’t any WOW factor about this product, but it’s a good simple filler for someone looking to complete their skin care regime with out all the frills of so many other products.

Scent: None
Texture: Liquid
Size: 200 ml, 6.76 fl.oz
Country of origin: France

1/2 It worked well on my sensitive skin, but is not designed for those with extreme sensitivities
* Lives up to everything it claims
* Easy to use, minimal application time
* Good price, line goes on sale periodically at select retails

Recommended Use:

  1. Cleanse face
  2. Pour a few drops of toner onto cotton pad
  3. Apply with cotton page my smoothly wiping over entire face, neck, and behind ears
  4. Apply serum and/or moisturizer while toner is still wet

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