VICHY Aqualia Antiox Moisturizer *****

14 Feb

This moisturizer seems one of the simpler, but it is a MUST HAVE! just the same. (And I say that because even though I was broke and had three other moisturizers lying around, I still felt the need to go out and buy this one!) VICHY‘s Aqualia line is targeted toward moisture, and I have tried, tested, thrown, and kept a range of these products; what stood out to me about this one in particular is the LOOK of my skin while using it. Through the line there are two products pairing moisture with radiance – the serum you can find coming soon – this is the other. Using Vitamin C, this cream boosts your radiance, and it is a noticeable difference. I had gotten the cream as a gift from training and noticed an improvement on my skin. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was from as I was trying a few new things at once, but I knew that I liked it. A few weeks after the bottle ran out, and I was already on to another cream, I noticed I just wasn’t as happy with the way my skin was looking. Not having connected the prior improvement to this product while in use, I was so set on that being the fix that I told myself there was no way it couldn’t be. Two weeks later I noticed my skin looking more… alive? And the moral of the story is, this product is a keeper!

Scent: Light Orange Scent
Texture: Light
Size: 30 ml
Country of origin: France

* Not specific for sensitivities, but I haven’t had a problem with my sensitive skin
* Fast results, long lasting effectiveness
* Easy to use and in a timely manner
* $30 price range and often included in promotions, gift with purchase, or bonus packs
* Smooth texture and a light orangey sent

Recommended Use:

  1. Cleanse face and neck
  2. Apply toner
  3. Apply serum
  4. Follow with VICHY Aqualia Moisturizer

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