REVLON Lipstick *3/4

14 Feb

There are many lines in each brand of “off the wall” lipsticks. I tried the exact one in the photo. This lipstick was brought out as a mimic to Chanel – I decided to put my hatred for “off the wall” products aside and give this product a try anyway. The color is actually good at first, but it doesn’t stay put very well. It felt more of a thick soft creme on my lips This product claims to be a moisturizing lipstick, so this could be where some of the slip is coming from, but I still demand my lipstick knows how to “SIT AND STAY!”

Aside from the actual feeling of wearing this <crap?>, there are “rumors” going against the health of Revlon lipsticks – I have actually heard first hand stories from a former coworker at a cosmetics counter. This lady (who has been a cosmetics professional for many years) told me of how she had to have small moles removed as a result of wearing lipsticks such as those from Revlon. So as pretty as the packaging my be ladies, always be careful!

Texture: Creamy

1/4 Somewhat effective
* Easy to use, minimal application time
1/2 Line regularly goes on sale at select retailers

Recommened Use:

  1. Just don’t

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