BIOTHERM Sensative Face Wash ****1/2

14 Feb

Yet another favorite for my sensitive face! This gel wash foams when applied with water, and one pea size dollop will suds up your whole face and neck! I had no problem removing make up etc when applying with just my hands. As I am objective to face washing in the sink (call me lazy or understand the unwanted excess water on counter, neck, hair, and shirt – perhaps a bit of both), I found this to be the perfect product used during my daily shower. A minute or two and I was rid of the daily dirt and lacking the usual irritation (both mental and physical) of regular cleansing.

Scent: None
Texture: Gel
Size: 150 ml

*Gentle on even the most sensitive of skin
*Fast results, long lasting effectiveness
*Easy to use and in a timely manner
*$30 range and lasts around 6 months,  product can also be found in promotional packages
1/2 As part of a prestige line you would expect it here, the gel texture worked easily, but there was nothing particularly “luxurious” about this product

Recommended Use:

  1. Dampen face with warm water
  2. Squeeze pea size amount of face wash into tips of fingers
  3. Rub fingers together until lather begins, apply to face and neck in circular motions
  4. Rinse thoroughly

Avoid eye contact


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