BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micellar Solution ****1/4

14 Feb

This cleanser is tailored to sensitive skin and is a great way to clean up when you’re pressed for time. This product is so easy to use I can’t believe how well it works. Just use a little bit of this on a cotton pad to remove dirt, make up, and oil. Safe for face and eyes, even on the most sensitive skin.

Bioderma is a dermatological line from France. They proudly produce great products and maintain an awareness of sensitive skin. There are many molecule patents under this line and the science to back up their products. You won’t find much of this in Canada, but what you can is still great to get your hands on!

Dermatologist Recommended
Scent: None
Texture: Liquid
Size: 250 ml
Country of origin: France

* Highly recommended for everyone, men and women
* Easy two steps for use
* Good price point
3/4 Gets almost everything, stubborn mascara and eye liner may not be as easy to remove
1/2  There’s nothing fancy about it, but I love the clean convenient packaging

Recommended Use:

  1. Apply cleanser to cotton pad
  2. Wipe face with cotton pad, removing impurities
  3. Repeat until cotton pad stays clean after wiping

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